Leprosy treatment tradition by Sikh Guru Sahiban

 Leprosy which is also called Hansen’s disease is a chronic and infectious disease that causes skin lesions and nerve damage. It mainly affects nerves,  skin, eyes, the lining of the nose, and peripheral nerves. With early diagnosis and treatment, this disease can be cured. But still in several countries including economically advanced countries like the USA lepers still exist. 

Anti-Farmer Act is testimony of ‘despotic’ rule in India

Farmers in India have been protesting fervently ever since three controversial farm bills were passed without much debate in Parliament.

Countries ruled by left-of-centre parties more successful in curbing COVID-19

A plea has been filed before the Supreme Court, seeking to remove the words “socialist” and “secular” from the Preamble of the Constitution.

Army's surveillance camera caught Chinese movement at South Bank of Pangong Tso

A high powered surveillance camera installed at South Bank of Pangong Tso helped the Indian Army thwart an aggressive move by the Chinese troops to alter the status quo in the area on the night of August 29 and 30, a senior government official 

Indian Republic formally transformed into a Brahmanic Hindu Republic

 With Hindutva forces pursuing of the upper-caste Brahmanic ideology for over a century aiming to reshape India into a Hindu Nation, the Democratic-Secular Indian Republic today stands formally transformed into a Hindu Rashtra as Prime Minister Modi laid down a 40-kg silver brick at the foundation, marking the beginning of Ram Temple at Ayodhya.

Paying Obeisance to Sri Guru Har Krishan Sahib

Sri Guru Har Krishan Sahib (1656-1664) the eighth Guru or prophet teacher of the Sikhs was the younger son of Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib (1630-1661) the seventh Guru of the Sikhs and Mata Sulakkhani Ji.

Things have gone very wrong with national security: Tavleen Singh

Where are the men who are in charge of national security? Where is the National Security Advisor? He has not been seen since he trotted off to the Tablighi Jamaat’s headquarters in Delhi in the early days of the pandemic.

Indian origin Agriculture scientist Rattan Lal of US wins World Food prize

Rattan Lal, a native of India and a citizen of the United States, has been awarded the 2020 World Food Prize. He is one of eight persons of Indian origin to have received the prize, established by Norman Borlaug in 1987.

Modi’s dream of making 21st century a China-India led century scuttles

Are India and China at the beginning of a new and contentious era? So it seems. In chapter 1, Chinese troops stealthily intruded a few kilometres into Indian territory — without being detected — and occupied key points in the Galwan Valley, Hot Springs and Pangong Tso.

There is Chinese intrusion in Galwan valley: A Buddhist leader from Ladakh

A senior Buddhist leader in Ladakh on Saturday affirmed that the Chinese had transgressed into Indian territory in eastern Ladakh, a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said no one had intruded “into our frontier there”.

No conceivable solution visible, country must defend its people as much as territory

The Chinese feel that two centuries since the Opium war signalled its decline, it is now a powerful nation. It wants to be on top, the Middle Earth — as it believes it was. India never was a single Empire; not even the Mughals ruled over all of it. 

US confronting demon of racism, India faces demons of intolerance

George Floyd’s death by a brutal American policeman has resonated all over the world. It has stirred a debate on racism and bigotry, as Floyd was an African-American and the policeman a white.

Remembering Bhagat Kabir Ji A Revolutionary Saint Poet on His 622nd Birth Anniversary (June 5, 2020)

      Bhagat Kabir Ji's full name was Kabir Das. 'Kabir' in Arabic language means 'great` and the word 'dasa' in Sanskrit language means a slave or a servant. He is one of the medieval Indian Saints of Bhakti and Sufi movements whose compositions Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji included in Adi Granth Sahib.

Two Pak High Commission officials caught for spying told to leave India

Police said the real motive was to lure and trap the railway staff and then acquire information about movement of Army units and hardware via trains.

Masses find relief after India takes off lockdown cover in a big way

From open shops and markets and milling crowds on roads to the hustle and bustle of railway stations, a semblance of normality seemed to return in various states as the country entered the first of the three-phase unlock plan on Monday.

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