Ice factories instructed to add food colour to distinguish edible and non-edible ice

July 09, 2018 10:53 PM

CHANDIGARH: With a view to check the misuse of non edible ice as edible ice, the Punjab government has issued strict instructions to all ice factories of the state to use food colour in non edible ice to ensure availability of healthy food items which were made or preserved by using ice. All the Civil Surgeons have been given powers to challan the concerned ice factory who failed to comply the orders in this regard.

Giving details, an official spokesperson said that all food business operators engaged in the production and use of edible or non edible ice must ensure visible distinction between edible and non edible ice by using colour (Indigo Caramine or Brilliant Blue up to 10 ppm). He said that the misuse of non edible ice for preservation, storage and transportation of perishable food commodities would lead to contamination of such food commodities. It has been observed that in the absence of any visible distinction between edible ice and non edible ice, it is also being diverted or consumed for edible purposes.

Giving detail about the advisory issued by the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India, he said that the standards of edible ice have been prescribed in Food Safety and Standards Regulations, 2011.

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