Drugs Regulatory Officers to educate Punjab chemists about schedule H1 drugs

August 08, 2018 10:56 PM

Chandigarh, August 8, 2018: A meeting of Drugs Regulatory Officers of the State was held under the Chairmanship of K.S. Pannu, IAS, Commissioner Food & Drugs Administration Punjab, wherein all the Drugs Regulatory Officers were directed to conduct meetings with the Chemist Associations of their district and educate them with respect to prevailing Drugs Laws and maintenance of records pertaining to schedule H1 drugs.

The Drugs Regulators were also directed to keep vigilant eye on the movement of ‘Not of Standard Quality’ and spurious drugs flowing in the market, so that such drugs can be detected at an early stage in order to weed out their sale from the market, with the objective of providing quality/assured products at affordable rates to the public.

"Such mechanism is expected to prove successful in discouraging the manufacture/sale/ distribution of Not of Standard Quality and Spurious drugs," said Pannu.

 The Drugs Regulatory Officers were also advised to ensure the presence of qualified person/registered pharmacist in the retail sale shops, so that the prescription drugs shall be sold under the active supervision of qualified person and right drugs be supplied to the consumers.

The officers were also directed to ensure the standard quality (preserved in right temperature and right manner) and safe blood to the public through licensed blood banks.

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