Gurdawas’ take care of visitors needs by making available scarfs and chunnis

Chanchal Manohar Singh | July 02, 2019 05:51 AM
Chanchal Manohar Singh

This blog is about availability of scarfs/chunnis for covering head at the entrance of the Sikh gurdwaras. Thinking and ideas  are changing very fast in the new world. Whether you like it or not, but  things continuously change.  As change is the  law of nature. Those who do not change with the changing time, get decayed and become obsolete. So, it is  wise to  welcome change in a positive way. With increasing awareness of freedom, liberty and right to live, human beings seek freedom in their living style also by adopting new dresses in new designs and shapes and sizes.  Thus change  the idea/thought as how to present yourself in wide variety of dresses available these days,  which was  perhaps not possible to think three decades ago.


In the same way changes effected men’s thinking and his ways to  dress, cutting  hairs in new styles that need not match  the  man next door. These  changes as  how to display and design hairs, adapting new hairstyle, seeking hair designers help to cut-hairs into a  style that must be trendy and attracts attention from the passers-by. Now,  days trend is to use high-lighters of various colours and shades for hairs to seek attention not only of opposite sex but of same sex as well. So, these are all new developments and appreciated all around, by cross sections of society, irrespective of  which religion he/she belongs to.

Same way, the changes impacted the members of the Sikh community too, where hairs have special place in religion. In Sikh religion, hair cutting is prohibited, for both the sexes-males as well as females. Further it is expected of every Sikh male or female, to cover their heads, while entering Gurdwaras, even if you do not observe this in private life. Majority among new generation of  young sikh girls and many middle aged women,  go out keeping their flowing hairs in style. Many of them seek touch of scissors to prone them to design a particular hair style and maintain particular length varying from various sides of the fall of hairs from the head on back and how much hairs to fall in front giving the face contrast and  strength.

Faith is faith, weather you are young or middle or senior citizen. Having faith in Sikh religious style of life, many young girls and women of various age groups, visit Gurdwaras to pray and  pay obeisance . They reach their destination with uncovered head but before entering Gurdawara look for Chunni or scarf to cover their heads. The Gurdwara managements keeping in mind the emerging  needs of such women, have kept scarfs and Chunnis in boxes (see pic above) for covering their heads. Many young Sikhs-girls and boys- having adopted the trendy life style also need scarfs/chunnis  to cover them, while entering the Gurdwaras compound, these are placed in boxes or hanged on a rope or hooks, just at the entry of Gurdawaras, a nice development.  

These head gears in la-man languages also required for non-Sikh visitors/tourists who are not aware/acquainted with the religious traditions/maryad  to cover the head while entering gurdwaras, also need scarfs and chunnis.

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