UK based company likely to invest $500 million US dollars in Indian vaccine research institute

May 13, 2020 06:19 PM


London, May 13, 2020:  CEO of International Tax Advisors Limited, an International investment company based in United Kingdom, has expressed its willingness to invest $500 million US dollars into an Indian based potential vaccine research institute.

During the press teleconference Dr. Stefano Fabbri, CEO and his finance director Dr. Davide Vittorino Perracino showed extreme willingness and readiness to provide an initial investment amounting to 500 Million US dollars to selected potential research institutes based in India to undertake the corona virus COVID-19 disease vaccine production and distribution. 

The press release stated that the company has already approached couple of pharmaceutical companies in India with the proposal and are expecting their response soon. In order to execute and structure this investment plan International Tax Advisors Limited has appointed their global investment partner Seatrack International Tradex Private Limited, based in Delhi to propose the potential research institute partner. Dr. Thanabalan the Executive Chairman with his Managing Director Susheel Sharma has acknowledged the acceptance of this investment program during the teleconference with all parties on 3rd may 2020. 

International Tax Advisors Limited is a company based in UK purely into international investments holding major portfolio in European market. The company based in the United Kingdom with main activity in the management of international taxation with the aim of helping the creation of new businesses and subsequent supervision in order to achieve the set objectives, recently decided to invest its resources in medical research to try to overcome the current major health problem. 

Seatrack International Tradex Private Limited based in Delhi purely into import and export essential product supply. This press release has been confirmed and verified with the evidence of fund which was provided by the capital investor (International tax advisors limited) from their bank The Executive Chairman of Seatrack International Tradex ltd, Dr. Thanabalan mentioned to the press as followThat there are few potential research institutes has been identified however we will make the necessary approach with related parties involve before final statement is being provided to our capital funding Partner. He mentions has the first step he will make the necessary arrangement with the banking side in India for the approval of such funds arrived to facilitate the purpose of investment. This investment program will be managed through our US base operation office in Texas. Our domestic partner Global Pursuit Investment Partners LLC headed by Mr. Thomas E Kelly. 

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